Гражданство и ВНЖ ЕС

EU citizenship and residency permit

Объекты с высокой доходностью

Objects with High Yield

Новостройки на разных этапах

New developments at different stages of construction

Специальные условия от застройщиков и закрытые продажи

Special terms from developers and Closed sales

Крупные инвестиционные проекты

Large investment projects

Top residential properties

Residential objects and land in the best locations (in the center of megalopolises, overlooking the sea or historical, prestigious places)

Commercial real estate and large investment projects

Investment objects from 500 000 Euro. Investment projects from 1 million euro

EU citizenship by investment in real estate of Cyprus and Malta

And other migration programs (citizenship, permanent residency, residence permit)

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Investment in real estate

Development of optimal investment strategy in high income real estate properties

Objects for investment from 250 000 euro

Анализ рынка

Market analysis

Разработка оптимальной стратегии

Development of investment strategy

Подбор объекта или пула объектов

Selection of an objec or pool of objects

Юридическое сопровождение

Legal support



Zen Invest team

Over 14 years of experience in the real estate market. We can offer various investment strategies, select the best objects, accompany and advise you at all stages of transactions related to the acquisition of international real estate

Anastasia Demidova-Zenonos

Managing Director. Zen Invest

Alexander Liashkevich

Marketing Director

Stella Gurgenyan

Senior Consultant

Anastasia Chuiko

Personal assistant and consultant

Daria Mokletsova

Property consultant

Galina Bulgakova

Property consultant

Elizaveta Kiseleva

Property consultant