Multi-level mansion (up to 5 floors) with an attic, a total area of ​​1,790 sq.m. 5 minutes walking from Prospect Mira metro station. In the mansion there are two separate entrances, a room layout, on the fifth floor there is a VIP-zone with a manager’s office with a separate bathroom and a balcony. It can be used for the placement of a representative office, headquarters, bank, etc.

Surface parking - 5 parking spots.

Parking. Equipped ground parking for 250 parking spots.

Panoramic windows. Panoramic glazing, contributing to the penetration of sunlight into the room

Veranda. On the 7th floor evacuation veranda is located

Location Prestigious area 3 minutes walking from the metro.


Equipped ground parking for 250 cars

Panoramic glazing

Panoramic glazing, contributing to the sunlight into the room


On the 7th floor is located operated porch


Prestigious area, 3 minutes from the subway station


The mansion is located 5 minutes walking from Prospect Mira the metro station. Convenient access to the Garden Ring and other parts of the city, direct access to the street Shchepkina and Mira Ave. Within walking distance of shops, beauty salons, banks.

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