The total land area is 8.3 hectares. Allowed to be used for the construction and operation of production and warehouse complex. The following conditions for technological connection were provided for the land plot: electricity - 10 MVA, water discharge - 1 cubic meter / day, water supply - 8 cubic meter / day, heat supply - 5 Gcal / hour, an increase is possible.


4 federal highways: M7 Volga, A107 MMK, Nosovikhinskoe Highway, A103 Schelkovskoe Highway.

2 regional routes: Р109 Elektrougli - Shchelkovo, Noginsk - Kirzhach.

By 2018, construction of a concrete ring doubler will be completed - the Central Ring Road (the new Moscow ring road, with 8 lanes and with the maximum speed limit permitted in the Russian Federation - 130 km / h)

Railways: Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod line, single-track branch from Fryazevo to Noginsk, double-track branch from Fryazevo to Shchelkovo and Mytishchi, Kupavinskaya (cargo), Chernogolovskaya (cargo).

High-speed railway (VSM) Moscow-Kazan. The stop of the Moscow-Kazan High Speed ​​Railway in the immediate vicinity of the industrial park.

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